A dispatch from Germany

During college, I signed up for a two-week-long Honors College study abroad to Germany. I spent part of every day on that trip writing in a travel journal just for fun. Once I got back to the States, I typed it up and added as much detail as I could before I forgot everything. I reread all 13,861 (!) words of it earlier this year, and I was surprised by how well I captured everything, and by just how curmudgeonly and snarky I became toward the end of the trip. I was probably rude as hell and awful to be around. I was also constantly irritated about being made to eat sausages and potatoes every single day. In that spirit, here’s a little slice of pettiness that I wrote in about five minutes this evening as I was brainstorming for a creative writing assignment for my German Composition class.

The Potato Salad

The last time I went to
I was mad
about having to eat sausages
and potatoes
off the prix fixe menu for

I was a junior
in college
and all I wanted were some
goddamn vegetables
but my professor was obsessed
with sausages
and potatoes
and wheat beer.

The potato salad in Nuremberg
was so full of raw onion
and too sweet
and I hated it so much
I thought
that I

I did actually enjoy the trip despite my grumpiness. Here’s a nice picture of an unidentified street from my first day in ye olde Nuremberg, May 2013.